Galinee Project Q1 2020 Work Summary

Dorval Exploration Inc. has finished its planned Q1 2020 work on the Galinee Gold Property. The work included many weather related challenges but the objectives were met.

The area surrounding the historic drill hole as well as the government identified EM anomalies in the NW was all mag/ VLF surveyed, soil sampled, and Beepmat surveyed. The mag data defines the iron information that enters the claims in the NW and tracks it to just shy (to the west) of the historic drill hole. There appears to be some EM anomalies related to. There was Beepmat anomaly that distinctly should be followed up on about 400m south of the historic drill hole.

The government identified EM anomalies in the SW corner from airborne were also covered by all 3 surveys. The data from VLF looks positive and we have a soil set to compare the ground geophysics to.

Of interesting note the mag-VLF survey was carried well to the east of these anomalies and a mag high was hit along the south of the claims mid-claims. More importantly, immediately adjacent to this mag high there appears to be an EM anomaly from the VLF survey. The anomalous mag and EM was hit at the eastern boundary of surveyed ground and warrants more survey, mag-VLF and soils, to the east.

Soil samples take will be delivered to the lab and the interpretation of the geophysical data will be ordered.

In total approximately 55km of Beepmat survey and 30km of mag-VLF (+5 km that had to be repeated as the initial data was extremely noisy) survey were completed while 65 soils samples were collected.